Chosen, The: Well Of Souls / Frater Rebelmind / Meridian4, Inc. 2006

This is an action role-playing game (RPG) in a dark period of the 19th century. The story revolves around 3 characters: Frater Simon, Elena, and Tong Wong (respectively mage, thief, and warrior), who are members of the Mystery Guards Fraternities, organizations devoted to exterminating demons and dark forces. They are now after an immortal sorcerer, Marcus Dominus Ingens, who commands armies of demons, summoned with the souls of alchemists and is bent on destroying God's Envoy, a powerful being who appears every 200 years. The game features numerous enemies to fight (such as werewolves, zombies, demons, etc.), over 200 types of armor and weapons, and friendly non-player characters (NPCs) who fight by the player's side and the ability to control demons and golems at will. The European version titled Frater was later made freeware in 2015.
ISO Demo 410MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Level Demo 222MB (uploaded by File Planet)
Frater - Freeware Game (uploaded by Official Site)
Frater - Freeware Game 509MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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