Auf der Suche nach dem Ultimate Mix [G] Games 4 Europe / Funsoft 1996

The player takes control of Moses Vider who lives in a world were the evil Graf von Voiddospunk forbid all funk music and caused a paralyzing rain. Moses wants to end the power of Voiddospunk by defeating his protégé Sir Noise at a DJ championship. But to do this he has to steal the "Ultimate Mix" from Voiddospunk's secret record store. The game is a adventure based on a French comic. The player searches the places and solves riddles. When using an item he has to drag & drop it from the inventory. During the conversions the player chooses a fist, a heart or a brain which represent the pitch and message of Moses' answers. Here and there are special puzzle sequences, e.g. the remixing of a song or the reenactment of a saxophone. On the map the player chooses his next destination. The soundtrack was written and performed by genre pioneers like Mele Mel, Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash.
German ISO Demo 429MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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