Sea Will Claim Everything, The Jonas Kyratzes 2012

From the creator of the free surreal Lands of Dream adventures comes this first commercial game. It will allow you to enjoy a masterfully crafted and expertly written adventure that will be many times longer than, say, The Book of Living Magic. It will allow you to interact with the denizens of the Fortunate Isles. You will begin your journey in Underhome, the subterranean dwelling of the Mysterious-Druid family. This ancient place, a marvel of biotechnology, is inexplicably facing foreclosure, and your help is required. But as you will soon discover, there is more going on: Lord Urizen, a ruler from the mainland, is using the issue of debt to force his own policies on the people of the Isles. Fear and uncertainty rule the day – but perhaps an outsider can bring a different point of view to the situation. You'll get to explore three distinct islands featuring thousands of tiny details and multitudes of clickable spots, odd characters, walls of glorious text, over one hundred hand-drawn locations and even some puzzles, all the while listening to a beautiful, original score. In Mar/2016, an enhanced Steam version was released with a number of oft-requested features and improvements, as well as a number of strange additions and changes no-one asked for, but which have appeared anyway.
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Full Demo 243MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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