American Girl: Mia Goes for Great ImaginEngine Corp. / THQ, Inc. 2008

The American Girl doll adaptations continue with ten-year-old Mia St. Clair who wants to prove that her skating skills are second to none. Raised in a family of hockey-loving boys, Mia decides to embark on a figure skating career that will involve conversing with characters, practicing routines, and making various decisions on and off the ice. Players must help Mia decide on an outfit, choreograph a skating program, and select the right music for each performance. A built-in program builder will help aspiring skaters create practice routines, which are followed by tapping the keyboard's directional arrows in time to the music. Two specific skating challenges are included in the game: the Lucerne's Winter Show and the Regionals. Players will explore Mia's small town from a three-quarter view above the snow-covered ground. The interface involves clicking on various locations for Mia to follow or enter. Walking into buildings such as the local library, pizza parlor, skate shop, garage, and Mia's house automatically switches the perspective to a close-up view of a particular room. Players can then interact with objects to include them in Mia's backpack inventory. Key events are automatically recorded in Mia's diary, where she will keep a record of photos, things to do, locker combinations, and other important information. Many of the local townsfolk need help completing tasks, such as acquiring a torque wrench to fix a malfunctioning Zamboni. Solving these puzzles lets Mia move one step closer to achieving her goals.
Full Demo 474MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 596MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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