Mark Of The Ninja Klei Entertainment / Microsoft Game Studios 2012

This is a PC port of the acclaimed stealth game originally on XBLA from the makers of the Shank series. Hold your breath and slow your heart. You can't make a sound. You're a ninja. From the shadow of a deep doorway, you hear footsteps echoing in the alley, pacing back and forth. Out here the city is asleep, and there are few noises to cover you. Your hiding place keeps you safe, but it also blocks your view. The target is out here somewhere, but he's not alone. Aside from being quite adept at sneaking up on people and murdering them in a grotesque fashion, the game's unnamed ninja protagonist eventually learns how to freeze time, sense hidden dangers and teleport, but you can still get through the game the old fashioned way. The game rewards different playstyles with unique bonus costumes which grant extra abilities. You can get through the game without killing anyone but a few select targets. The enemies are just dumb enough to be predictable, but not so dumb as to be boring. It has a cardboard box. You can murder people while you're in the cardboard box. In Oct/2018, a Remastered version was released with Enhanced Visuals – The original in-game art was compressed to 720p, despite the source material being originally drawn at a much higher resolution. They've re-exported everything in high definition up to full 4K resolution on supported hardware. Includes Special Edition DLC – Adds Dosan's tale. Play as a young Dosan, get new unique items, an additional story level and unlocked developer commentary nodes throughout the original game. Character and Background Enhancements – Characters have been re-exported from the original vector graphics and all backgrounds have dramatically increased resolution. The remastered visuals allow for never before seen detail and overall reduced banding and other artifacts, even when playing on standard 1080p monitors and devices. Remastered Cinematics – All scenes exported at 4K resolution, polished and most scenes have been reanimated for additional detail. All new 5.1 surround mix for the entire game. In-game audio uses new high quality compression and the cinematic audio is completely redone to improve both fidelity and quality. New Game Plus – Finish the game and unlock this mode, offering new challenges and rewards.

See also: Special Edition DLC

DVD ISO Demo 2.13GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Remastered Screenshots/Videos

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