Digby's Adventures Sanctuary Woods 1994

Enter a world song, games, and animated adventure! You'll meet Bertram, the wise old St. Bernard. Duffy and Lizzy, the streetwise cat and mouse. Skunkly the sweet skunk. And, of course, Digby, the one pound dog who is no bigger than a dustmop. There's never a dull moment with Digby and his friends. But the most important character is really you. That's because the story depends on the choices you make. Digby could chase a butterfly only to find that he's lost. Or run through an open gate when the gardeners' machines frighten him. Or run away from home when he's humiliated at a dog show. Which adventure will it be? With exciting games and activities, original songs, and interactive mix-your-own-music studio and important lessons about problem-solving, teamwork and what it means to be a family - you're sure to enjoy all three.
ISO Demo 258MB (uploaded by hfric)

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