Legends of Mystaris: The Lord of Blackskull Keep Inebooks 2003

The Lord of Blackskull Keep is the second interactive fantasy adventure in the Legends of Mystaris series. A killer is stalking the town of Wendon. The necks of the victims bear the marks of a vampire and popular rumour points the finger of suspicion towards nearby Blackskull Keep - a dark ruin said to be the lair of many evil things. Armed with your sword and wits, dare you face the perils and dangers that await and claim the glory of one who can rid the town of the murderer? To help you achieve your goal, The Lord of Blackskull Keep features four character classes that you can play - Mage, Rogue, Warrior, and Villager - each with their own strengths and skills you can use to confront the trials and dangers that await.
Full Demo 7MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Level Demo ( @ Official Site)

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