Bamses Cirkus [Sw] Nordic Softsales 2007

A fun and exciting story written by Rune Andreasson and narrated by Olof Thunberg. In the story you are able to point and click objects in the pictures to see them move. Sometimes objects can be enchanted with a Magicians wand. The little mouse show your way on the story page and when objects are click-able. There´s a Sing-A-Long function with all the four songs of the game. The texts are also printable. Make your own Circus Poster, with the brush and the colors of the palette or you can print the poster in Black-and-White to paint it with your own crayons. When the Poster made in the game is done put it on the wall where Brum put his. There are several nice pictures made by Thomas Holm to be printed and painted with your own colours. Assist the Little Mouse stack cheeses in it´s pantry. Play with your friends who can pick the correct honey pot where the Little Mouse is hiding.
MAC Swedish ISO Demo 105MB (uploaded by SwedeBear)
Swedish ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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