Hurlements [Fr] Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 1990

The translated title of the "Howling" is the direct sequel to Zombi: it uses exactly the same interface and follows the same principle. These are more than four characters, but two are in charge here in search of gold bullion, and there are no longer zombies that threaten them, but werewolves. The controls have not changed one iota, only the central window is a little larger. All is played using a system of icons, no mouse, but no text on the screen describes the objects, which are not always easy to recognize. This lack of text does not help either to dive into the story.
French Full Demo 191kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
French Full Demo & Fan-Made Windows Version 169kb/1901kb (uploaded by Abandonware France)
Full Demo with DOSBox 13.7MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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