Thomas & Friends: Thomas Saves the Day! Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Inc. / Atari, Inc. 2003

The characters in Thomas and Friends: Thomas Saves the Day are based on those in a children's book series by the British author and clergyman Reverend W. Awdry, and from the British television series Thomas and Friends. The island of Sodor has been struck by a terrible storm, and Thomas the Tank Engine needs to sort out all the things that have gone wrong because of it. As the player travels around the island with Thomas in this point and click adventure, he'll encounter all kinds of characters needing assistance, from creating links for a chain to rescue a derailed engine, to finding a lost shipment of chocolate for Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory, to helping Harold the helicopter recover his cargo from the river. There is an option available to skip the adventure and go straight to the mini-games: •Help Thomas forge a chain by matching colored and patterned links. Help calm Thomas' nervous companion by matching spooky sounds in the mine with the objects that made them. Click on crates as they float past to help Harold the Helicopter collect his cargo. Match the positions of levers to those on a chart in order to open the railway to the docks. Match sounds in a memory game to get the Troublesome Trucks out of the way. Select shapes and decorations for a gift of chocolate for Sir Topham Hatt. The focus of this game is on early childhood skills such as sound, color, shape and pattern recognition, and stresses the value of helping others.
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ISO Demo 209MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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