DLC Quest Going Loud Studios 2012

What happens when DLC practices go too far? An indie developer makes a game that mocks the industry and its foibles, that's what. Defeat the bad guy, save the world and get the girl. But first you'll need to find coins to buy DLC to enable animation, sound and even pausing. It has platforming action - coins to collect, a princess to save, a bad guy to defeat. You like that stuff, right? There's 16 different DLC packs, each providing quiet introspection on the state of the gaming industry. 10 awardments to be earned and make you feel reasonably satisfied with yourself. It was winner of Official Xbox Magazine's Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Year 2011 and now has been ported to PC.
Full Demo v1.2.4840.27956.S 19MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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