20,000 Leagues: The Adventure Continues (cancelled) Orbital Studios / SouthPeak Interactive 1999

This game was supposed to be powered with the latest SouthPeak Interactive Video Reality engine. In 1999, SouthPeak Interactive released an interactive demo disk but the completed game was never released. It was being made by Lee Sheldon who made Riddle of Master Lu, Dark Side Of The Moon and Temujin among other adventures. The mystery that Jules Verne began is now yours to solve. In this action packed game, your discovery of Captain Nemo's Nautilus becomes a dangerous adventure as you are attacked by a mysterious submarine. Your only chance: board the Nautilus, take command, and unlock the hidden secrets of this ship. To survive you must solve intricate puzzles, uncover top-level conspiracies, battle treacherous creatures, as well as keep your team together through thick and thin. You'll explore exotic locations around the globe as ruthless enemies try to snatch the powerful ship out of your hands and with it, the only chance to solve a crisis that threatens the world. But remember one thing: Every decision you make in the beginning of your journey will affect your outcome in the end. It featured 360 degree wide-screen navigation through filmed sets and pre-rendered 3D environments, and full screen conversation and dramatic sequences. Conversation mode allows players to interact with the game's characters and allows for multiple story endings. Sophisticated puzzles built into the storyline challenge the player's intellect and skills. Thousands of possible paths in six unique environments intensify both drama and suspense. Intuitive, user-friendly, point-and-click interface.
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Demo CD ISO 276MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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