Madeline 2nd Grade Math Creative Wonders / Encore Software 1999

Bonjour! Madeline wants to have an adventure with you today. Join her on a mathematical adventure that begins in a Parisian museum, then takes you through puzzles, races, and other mathematical challenges by way of some very famous works of. Finish the activities, and you can buy works of art from the Museum Store and print them out. It features: three levels of difficulty, win prizes by completing games, fun animations, and Madeline is always there to help. Skills learned are Addition, Subtraction, Money, Telling Time, Counting, and Multiplication. Miss Clavel's Scream: What could make Miss Clavel this upset? Help her sort out the numbers on the easel. House of Stairs: Madeline and Pepito are racing up three flights of stairs. Can you help Madeline win? Warhol Portraits: Help Madeline beat Pepito at his own game of arranging similar portraits next to each other. Time Meltdown: Can you tell what time it was when the clocks broke? Monet Multiplication: It's a lovely spring day—perfect for Madeline to collect water lillies. Cave Math: Help Madeline and Pepito solve the equations that cave painter Yvette scribbles on the cave wall.
ISO Demo (provided by blakegriplingph & upped by Scaryfun) 146MB

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