Bibi und Tina 3: Unsere lustige Spielesammlung [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2002

This CD-ROM with Bibi and Tina offers ten times more fun and just as much variety. In ten different games, users can help their knowledge of the Bibi-and-Tina world and their 2 friends on tricky tasks. Here you have to prove a lot of skill. The CD-ROM contains: Bibi and Tina's Scavenger Hunt, Bibi and Tina, The Big Horse Racing, Carrots for "Amadeus", The Horse Search, The Funny Puzzle, The Bibi and Tina Quiz, Catch the Horses, Forest Ride with Bibi and lucky clover for Tina. Who is the most clever and smartest fan of Bibi and Tina? Suitable for children from 7 years and up.
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German ISO Demo 71MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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