Castle: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover Gunnar Games / Big Fish Games 2013

When a New York City book critic is murdered, dressed up to look like Frankenstein's monster, and hooked up to an electrical current, it's time to call the one detective who actually prefers the really weird cases: Kate Beckett. If she brings her "consultant," a mystery writer named Richard Castle, along with her, so much the better. Such is the premise of Castle: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover, a tie-in hidden object game that was written as a companion to the television show Castle. The case turns out to be more complicated than they had anticipated, and as the team works to keep the body count from increasing, the case begins to hit closer and closer to home for everyone.
1-Hour Trial Demo 277MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Multi8 ISO Demo 855MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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