Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Casual Brothers / Reverb Publishing 2014

The humans came in their thousands. They poisoned our food supplies and made the waters toxic. We escaped to the mountains but the damage had been done. Having ingested the poisonous fruits we now suffer from explosive flatulence... but our weakness will become our greatest weapon! Overflowing with humor and flatulent rebellion, Orc Attack is a third-person cooperative hack ‘n slash for up to four players (local or online). Players can upgrade their orc character skills with experience points and fit them out with different weapons, shields, magic potions, and magic helmets, each one imbuing them with different nose-numbing, gaseous fart attacks to use in a wide variety of combat missions. Fart or die! Cooperative Combat and Dirty Mode rewards players for working together. Gas free Magic Mode for players that like a little less flatulence in their game. 30+ Enemy Types, Including Bosses. Raid, Pillage and Plunder Human Camps, Collect Gold to buy improved weapons and armour. Unlock the Great Orc Warriors to Add them to your Horde – discover them all. Four Campaigns comprised of 25 Epic Missions. XP leveling to upgrade different skills to perform a better combat.
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ISO Demo 1.44GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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