Splatter School Ankoku Marimokan 2012

High school girl Jessica awoke from her after-school nap in a classroom to the clang of the fire alarm. What's going on? She went to check the hallway to find her classmates being slaughtered by atrocious monsters. Armed with only a discarded box cutter, Jessica braves the nightmare corridor of Class A-1... It has GRUESOME action; it's a 2D side scrolling hardcore erotic/grotesque game! Play as the heroine Jessica and try to clear all stages. Find dropped weapons and items to survive. There's nude damage & defeat dot anime. Jessica's schoolgirl uniform gets knocked down to nothing as you progress. Uniform -> Bra/Panties -> Naked progression, and once you're exposed, you'll be captured! Enjoy a variety of scenes where Jessica gets horrifically XXXed... even fatally. Sex scenes & death scenes! It has 52 total defeat dot animations, 17 CG base images (28 total), and 5 stages. It includes CG mode & dot animation view mode & stage select.
Trial Demo 41.6MB (uploaded by DLsite)
Full Demo 85MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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