Hugo Winter Games 2 ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 1998

Christmas is around the corner. Hugo and his old friend, Santa Claus, are busy with the preparations. Scylla is determined to stop Santa Claus, and so spoiling for children the Christmas season which they are looking forward to. One evening, when Santa leaves his sleigh with Hugo, Scylla comes and kidnaps him. They drag him into a winter prison and lock him there in the deepest and darkest dungeon. But Hugo is determined to free Santa Claus and so help to bring about a beautiful Christmas time for the children. He makes himself a castle to confront Scylla. Leading up to Christmas, every day Hugo has new adventures before he can finally free the Santa Claus, who is imprisoned in the dungeon of the castle. In order not to lose heart, Santa Claus reads every day a new chapter in his beautiful Christmas story. Now you must help Hugo to liberate Santa Claus. You're not going to let him down!
German ISO Demo 323MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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