Provinces Of Midland, The: Argskin SanStar 2013

Argskin is a third person Adventure/Role-playing game made with Unity engine and playing in a medieval world. However, Argskin doesn’t contain a fighting system; therefore it can also be seen as a role-playing-adventure mixture. The project started as a final student paper project, and was later continued as a leisure time project with a development time over 2 years. The story: After some time of travelling, you return to your home town Deloras. It doesn't take long to realise that there is something wrong. You hear strange rumours about a mysterious ship. But when you try to find out more about it, you meet some obstacles. The royal guard has obtained control of the harbour. So you have to complete tasks for the citizens to get a higher popularity and to get access to the harbour. Argskin features a lovely detailed harbour town, humorous and different Quests, more than 70 intractable NPCs and an average playtime of 5-6 hours.
Full Demo v1.1 190MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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