Total War: Over 1000 New Levels for Warcraft II CrystalVision 1997

Though beaten back and fatigued from years of ongoing battle, the noble Humans of Azeroth continue to defend themselves from the invasion of the evil Orcish horde. Never before has a game package put together more combat, strife, conflict and nail-biting excitement than Total War. Battle your way through over 1000 scenarios and more than 60 entire campaigns. Lead your forces to victory against the computer, or battle your friends in the hundreds of multi-player games in Total War. There are even co-operative scenarios where you and your friends can work together to fight back the Orcish horde or devastate the Human empire. You may have seen a battle or two, you may have even thought the war was over, but you haven't seen the TOTAL WAR. It features: over 1000 new scenario levels, over 60 entire campaign storylines, and hundreds of multi-player scenarios supporting 2-8 players! You can construct larger more powerful armies, conquer more powerful enemies, discover uncharted lands, and win the Total War.
ISO Demo 31MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 26MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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