Maw, The: DLCs Brute Force, River Redirect, Speeder Lane Twisted Pixel Games 2009

The $1.25 download packs gives players these "deleted scenes" from The Maw. Brute Force - The Bounty Hunters have sent in members from their new elite strike force, the Brutes, to stop Frank and Maw. The two must use powers from the Beetull and Gastro creatures to avoid capture. This part of the story takes place between the Bulb Valley and Chaindown levels. It introduces the Brute Bounty Hunter and has new puzzles, new objects, new achievement, new cinemas. You can use the powers of the Beetull and Gastro creatures. River Redirect - Raging fires block Frank and Maw's way, but with the powers of the Gastro and Puff-tor creatures, they change the course of a river and reopen their path. This part of the story takes place after the Looferland level. It contains Brute Bounty Hunter, new puzzles, new achievement, new cinemas, and it uses the powers of Gastro and Puff-Tor creatures. Speeder Lane - Frank steals a Bounty Hunter Speeder and uses it to break through their blockade. This part of the story takes place before the Mesas level. Maw follows Frank as he rides a Speeder. There's ship based puzzles and low altitude bombing. It has new Bounty Hunter traps and Bounty Hunter bases, a boss fight, a new achievement, and new cinemas.
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Full Demo & DLCs (thanks to Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 181MB

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