Toukiden 2 Omega Force / Tecmo Koei 2017

A sequel to the 2013 action game Toukiden: The Age of Demons, created by Japanese studio known for e.g. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and Dynasty Warriors). Unlike its predecessor, which was only available for portable devices, this is also released for PlayStation 3 and 4 home consoles. The game's mechanics are similar to those of the first installment, so it's still a hack and slash with RPG elements. The setting is again the fantasy world ravaged by armies of demons, and you play as a seasoned warrior, who's dedicated to defeat them. The combat system is based on spectacular combo attacks and requires some agility. When facing boss enemies, you need to use a proper strategy and take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses. It features an open world, where you can find NPCs, side quests, and various service providers. Apart from the singleplayer campaign, the game also has an online multiplayer mode.

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Download: None currently available

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